heavy petting zoo

sexting with your favorite indie band
  • sufjan stevens: i rly want 2 b alone w/ u ;)
  • bat for lashes: no my darling i can't stand 2 sleep alone ;)
  • marina & the diamonds: would u go down on ur knees 4 me? ;)
  • passion pit: let dis b our little secret no one needs 2 kno we're feeling higher & higher higher ;)
  • arcade fire: imma build a tunnel from my window 2 urs ;)
  • bombay bicycle club: babe i kno u can swallow so much sleep ;)
  • m.i.a.: all i wanna do is bang bang bang bang and take ur money ;)
  • frank ocean: i wanna see ur pom-poms ur so buff and so strong ;)
  • mgmt: shock me w/ ur electric eel ;)
  • vampire weekend: is ur bed made? is ur sweater on? ;)
  • st. vincent: best finest surgeon cum cut me open ;)
  • lykke li: u gon get some ;)
  • grizzly bear: i hope ur ready cos im able ;)
  • the national: tie me 2 a chair ;)
  • chairlift: i can do headstands 4 u ;)
  • fleet foxes: my sun isn't the only thing that rises ;)
  • two door cinema club: i can tell just wat u want ;)
  • jens lekman: i'm sleeping on my arm thinking of u ;)
  • sondre lerche: i left my mind in the airport, my thoughts in a taxi, my heart in reception, and my underwear in ur apartment ;)
  • grimes: ▎ ▏▐ ░ ▒♆☨ ✞ В☯ ▼П † ✝ 本殊ЛТЫ仕官АОшцЯБ ☽ ;)
  • mumford & sons: nothings little abt my lion, man ;)
  • the lumineers: thats right babe oh yeah OH HO! HEY! HO! HEY! HO! HEY! ;)
  • the xx: i can make it better with the lights turned off ;)
  • lana del rey: pepsi-cola ;(|)
  • bon iver: [NO MESSAGE RECEIVED] (because there is no signal up in the woods)
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